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Minimum recommended internet speeds for home connections

Find the minimum internet speeds needed for your favorite online activities and why you may need to get faster speeds.

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Smart home technology you’ll see at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

Learn about new smart home products shoppers can likely find at the 2019 CES and other smart tech tips!

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Where can movers find the lowest electricity rates in the U.S.?

Find out which states had the lowest electric rates in 2018 Q3. Louisiana tops the list as cheapest and Hawaii is the most expensive.

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The ultimate 2018 military discount guide

Find state-specific discounts for military members and family on auto services, clothing, internet, education, cable and more.

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Smart home technology for seniors

Learn how smart home technology makes life easier at home, from heightened security to monitoring health.

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Student internet research guide: Separating fact vs. fiction

Our student internet research guide helps students search for smart, credible online sources.

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Understanding tech talk: Wireless router terms you need to know

Learn what WAN and LAN mean, what your SSID is, the difference between a router and modem and more!

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Latest Spectrum news and offers: November 2018

Learn about November’s rate hike, what New York has to say to Charter-Spectrum and how to save with a bundle.

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Relax this Thanksgiving Day by automating your entire home

The Thanksgiving celebration is a special event for many families across the U.S., and passing traditions on to the next…

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